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Black and White Trail

Black & White trails of Herefordshire

The Black & White Village Trail is a motor/cycle route through some of the prettiest villages and most beautiful landscape in England. The 40 mile circular trail leads west from the ancient town of Leominster, through a rich landscape of orchards, hopyards and distant hills, taking in the most picturesque black and white villages along the way as well as the little market town of Kington.
The villages are more than just pretty places to visit. Each one has its own character and community, with tea-rooms, shops, craft workshops and pubs waiting to welcome the visitor.
Take advantage of the quieter pace of life and enjoy a day spent following the byways of quintessential rural England.
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Cider Route

Cider and cider routes abound in Hereford

Throughout Herefordshire there is a strong tradition of farm cider making. Farmers produced cider to be drunk by the farm labour force during the following year, especially the busy times of hay-making and harvest.
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Visit Herefordshire Churches

History in Herefordshire


Churches tell a story, many stories – of families, political intrigue and social change, of architecture, changes in belief and life.

No two churches are the same and many are connected to famous people past and present.
Not all of our magnificent and often unique churches are listed on the linked web site, so follow signs for churches and explore every possibility for a full taste of heritage.


Halo Leisure centre at Hereford.

swimming in Hereford

The Hereford Pool is situated close to the Greyfriars bridge on the edge of Hereford City and offers a variety of other activities as well as swimming.


The Judges Lodging House at Presteigne

Presteigne a historical border town

Step into the 1870’s, an historic house where you can touch the items on show. Follow an audio tour through the house, wait to be called into the dock for sentencing and dress as the judge.



Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre

Owl Sanctuary at Kington

Open all Year, animals are displayed undercover. A place to explore and interact with friendly and unusual rare breed animals, an extensive collection of owls from all over the world, waterfowl, pheasants and a small animal house.


Westons Cider Factory Tour

Westons famous cider factory

Visit the cider factory at Much Marcle where it all began. Walk through this working factory and marvel at the huge Vats used for storage some of which were used by the Original Bulmers factory and were’ World record holders’ in there day.


Hereford Cider Museum

The Home of Bulmers Cider

This museum is set in part of the original Bulmers Cider factory and covers cider making in Herefordshire. The tour takes you through displays and original areas of their factory including the cellars and bottling plant.

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