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Mountain Bike Routes in the Brecon Beacons


The Brecon Beacons has some of the very best terrain in Wales for mountain biking. Whatever type of riding you’re looking for – fast descents, skills sessions or gentle off-road trails – you’ll find a location to suit. Just don’t forget to take in the breathtaking scenery.


For mountain bike training, instruction or to join a group ride or event, get in touch with the activity companies in the Park.


Brecon Beacons National Park

A lake in the Brecon Beacons

Water is a living, moving part of the Brecon Beacons landscape. It shapes our hills and valleys, gives life to our flora and fauna, freshens the air and creates wide open spaces for us to enjoy.
Within our Park, we have gushing streams, 140 miles of rivers, 35 miles of canal, nine reservoirs and Wales’ largest natural lake. Fed by a plentiful supply of rain, our waters are perfect for outdoor activities.
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Arthur’s Stone

Arthurs stone above Dorstone close to the Halls of the dead

Arthur’s Stone is an atmospheric Neolithic burial chamber made of great stone slabs, set in the hills above Herefordshire’s Golden Valley.
Like many prehistoric monuments in western England and Wales, this tomb has been linked to King Arthur since before the 13th century. According to legend, it was here that Arthur slew a giant who left the impression of his elbows on one of the stones as he fell.
Arthur’s Stone website


Longtown Castle

Longtown Castle

A powerful thick-walled round keep dating from around 1200, characteristic of the Welsh Borders, on a large earthen mound within a stonewalled bailey. Set in the beautiful Olchon valley, with magnificent views of the Black Mountains.
Ewias Lacey Castle, as it was once known, may have been built on an already well-defended site. Its prominent location, on a spur of high ground between two river valleys, and the evidence of its outer earthworks, suggest to some that an Iron Age camp may have been established here. The Romans also probably occupied the site.
An alternative suggestion is that the origins of the site lie in the late Saxon period, in the 10th century. What is certain is that in 1086 Domesday Book recorded the land here as belonging to the Lacey family, who exacted payments in honey and pigs from their tenants.
Longtown Castle website


Black and White Trail

Black & White trails of Herefordshire

The Black & White Village Trail is a motor/cycle route through some of the prettiest villages and most beautiful landscape in England. The 40 mile circular trail leads west from the ancient town of Leominster, through a rich landscape of orchards, hopyards and distant hills, taking in the most picturesque black and white villages along the way as well as the little market town of Kington.
The villages are more than just pretty places to visit. Each one has its own character and community, with tea-rooms, shops, craft workshops and pubs waiting to welcome the visitor.
Take advantage of the quieter pace of life and enjoy a day spent following the byways of quintessential rural England.
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Cider Route

Cider and cider routes abound in Hereford

Throughout Herefordshire there is a strong tradition of farm cider making. Farmers produced cider to be drunk by the farm labour force during the following year, especially the busy times of hay-making and harvest.
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